DVD-Cloner Gold 2017

DVD-Cloner Gold is high-quality and high-efficient DVD & BD backup and burn software. Besides all the various features of DVD-Cloner and Open SmartBurner, it also has the ability to back up any BD movie to the hard disk without any third-party plug-in. This smart tool can burn data files and video files to a DVD/BD disc. The inventive SRT™ supports for backing up newly-released commercial DVD movies much faster without any trouble.


DVD-Cloner (BD Pro)
    DVD-Cloner (BD Pro) is the one-up DVD/BD backup software in the DVD backup field. Its new practical interfaces will bring you a refreshing experience and make the DVD backup quite simple.

Key features:

  • Supports for backing up newly-released DVD movies much faster, which means that you can back up any commercial DVD without any trouble. It's definitely the right solution for making backups of ANY DVD and a trustworthy tool by users. Enhanced
  • Exact 1:1 backup from DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9.
  • Supports the backup of any BD movie without any third party plug-in.
  • Backs up a DVD to an ISO file temporarily for later burn or uploaded to the Internet easily.
  • Burns the movie with ISO format downloaded from the Internet to create a DVD movie disc.
  • Combines multiple DVDs to one DVD±R DL or BD-R (DL).
  • Merges multiple titles from different DVDs together, and then outputs to the hard disk as ISO image files or movie folders, or burns directly onto blank discs.
  • SRT™ — supports the backup of latest DVD movies.
  • The DVD movies from the hard disk can be read to combine multiple DVDs to one DVD±R/RW DL or BD-R/RE(DL).
  • Splits a DVD-9 movie disc into two ISO image files or movie folders in DVD-5 size, or burns each onto a blank DVD-5 disc.
  • DVD-Cloner (BD Pro) is quite easy to use with the simple interface, which makes DVD backup as simple as ABC.
  • Burns one DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5 discs.
  • Free built-in software OpenCloner Express Center – An innovative program for you to download, run, upgrade and uninstall all programs developed by OpenCloner Inc. within one program.
  • Downloads and captures online movies from the Internet for playback with the free bonus Stream-Cloner Lite worth $39.99.
  • Get the free bonus software Open DVD Transformer 3 Lite worth $29.99 to freely transform DVD movies to AVI, MPEG and SVCD formats.
  • Combines multiple DVDs to one DVD±R DL or BD-R(DL).
  • Automatically removes the annoying contents such as legal and advertising clips.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Open SmartBurner

    Open SmartBurner is excellent DVD/BD burn software with powerful functions and user-friendly interfaces.

Key features:

  • Burns data files such as texts, pictures, music, etc to create a DVD or BD data disc.
  • Makes a DVD or BD video disc from video files.
  • Transforms video files to DVD/BD video for playback on a standalone player.
  • Data files or video files can be saved as an ISO file on the hard disk.
  • Burns the existing ISO file to a DVD or BD disc.
  • PAL DVDs and NTSC DVDs are both supported for making DVD video.
  • Creates a project to add data files or video files for burning and saves the project as a .cpj file.
  • Opens an existing project on the hard disk for burning.
  • Supports excellent 1080p BD video output.
  • Select MPEG-2 or H.264 as the video encoder for making BD video.