Open MovieBox 1.10

Open MovieBox is a free leading movie collector to manage your favorite movies. With this smart tool, you can get and search for the latest movies from the Internet and share your favorite movies with others through connecting to iPad 1 or iPad 2. It allows you to import and export the movie information as you need. The movie information such as title, genre and subtitle can be edited and the pictures and video files can be added to the movies through the movie editing function. The video files on your PC can be added to the movie database through backing up/pasting and played back directly with Open MovieBox. It also allows you to add the description, review and feedback to the movie information to enrich the contents. With so many powerful functions, this free software, combined with other excellent plug-in programs developed by OpenCloner Inc., will satisfy you to the maximum extent as a movie fan!


  • Supports for getting latest and most popular movies from the Internet.
  • Supports for searching for your desired movies from the Internet by inputting the title or several keywords of the title.
  • Your favorite movies can be shared with others and played back by connecting to iPad 1 or iPad 2 through the built-in Movie Share Server.
  • Plays back the video files in the movie database.
  • The movies on the DVD/BD discs can be added to the movie database through the plug-in programs such as DVD-Cloner, Blue-Cloner, Open DVD Transformer, Stream-Cloner, Open Blue Transformer, Blue to DVD Pro, Blue to HDD and iPod-Cloner.
  • Supports for creating new movie databases.
  • The movie information can be imported from the movie database or the backup file and can be exported to the web format, xml format or the backup file.
  • Quickly searches for the movie you want in the movie database by inputting the title or several key words of the title.
  • Refreshes and gets the latest movie information from the Internet.
  • Adds the video files on your computer to the movie database through backing up/pasting.
  • Imports pictures to the movie covers.
  • Imports media files to the movies.
  • The movies in the database can be categorized according to Genre, Format, Studio, Year, Color, First Title Letter, Country and Playability.
  • Lists the detailed information or the covers of the movies.
  • Views the movie information in different structural patterns.
  • Launches the Movie Share Server when Open MovieBox starts up.
  • Quickly opens the movie resource.
  • Free upgrade for a lifetime.



Open MovieBox
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System Requirements

  • Pentium-IV 1.0 GHz or a faster processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 10 GB free hard disk space
  • Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8 (32-bit or 64-bit)